East Atlanta

About the Neighborhood

EAST ATLANTA offers a bustling village area filled with restaurants, pubs, and shops surrounded by post-World War residential bungalows. The neighborhood also has its fair share of grand Victorians, traditional craftsmen, and charming new construction. Many homes are recently renovated and have larger backyards than other traditional urban houses.

The popularity of the neighborhood continues to rise, thanks in part to a recent poll by Redfin ranking East Atlanta as the #3 Hottest Neighborhood in the U.S. Residents can enjoy a neighborhood stroll into “EA Village” for a meal, a cup of coffee, happy hour or to hear some live music at several local venues.

Area Highlights

East Atlanta Village
East Atlanta Farmers Market
Starlight Drive-in
East Atlanta Beer Fest
East Atlanta Strut
The Earl
Octopus Bar

Parks & Greenspace

Brownwood Park
Glen Emerald Park
PATH Foundation South River Trail
Stokeswood Park
Grant Park


Burgess-Peterson Academy
Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School
Maynard Holbrook Jackson High School

East Atlanta Homes For Sale