Zip Code 30317 Homes For Sale

30317 Atlanta, GA Homes Available

Encompassing some of the hottest neighborhoods in Intown Atlanta, zip code 30317 spans the entirety of Kirkwood and extends into portions of Edgewood and East Lake. Kirkwood, a historic Intown neighborhood dating back to the 1870s, boasts a rich residential heritage, incorporating Victorian Folk, Arts and Crafts, and Queen Anne styles in some of its oldest homes. Originally incorporated as an independent municipality in 1899, Kirkwood became part of Atlanta in 1922. The neighborhood’s architectural evolution continued in the early 1900s with the prevalence of American Foursquare bungalows, seen in several Intown Atlanta “streetcar suburb” neighborhoods. Notable for its classic bungalows, renovations, and period-style new construction homes, Edgewood was its own town before being annexed into the city in 1909. Residents of Edgewood also enjoy proximity to shopping and dining at the Edgewood Retail District, a 44-acre mixed-use development on Moreland Avenue. Nestled south of Candler Park, north of East Atlanta, west of Kirkwood, and east of Reynoldstown, Edgewood is an integral part of the dynamic Intown Atlanta scene.